Is Stranger Things Appropriate For 12 Year Olds

Stranger things is an emotional roller coaster,. Since my mum hasn't watched either.

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Is stranger things appropriate for 12 year olds. Just because a show stars kids under 14 doesn’t mean it’s suitable for their peers to watch. I don't know if it's appropriate for someone that young, and i don't have the view of a parent on these things. First you need to know if the one watching knows that those type things are not real.

I mean it also has an 8.9/10 rating on imdb but whatever, right? Not scary at all, stranger things takes its viewers through a thrilling and fun filled adventures through a mystical world hidden inside the normal town of hawkins. And of course, netflix's stranger things.

For the most part, these two guys are joking around and being funny around a theme for the day. It has slight gore and a couple bad words but nothing too. The scripted story is a serial in the vein of stranger things and the goonies , and so.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Made up shodow world people shouldn't feel frightening compared to the real world these kids are growing up in. So it's safe to say stranger things is probably not suitable for very young viewers.

Why or why not is stranger things appropriate for a 12 year old? Is stranger things appropriate for 12 year olds? The series follows will’s family and friends as they search for answers.

Though with the dark overtone to the new series, you might wonder ifthe umbrella academy appropriate for kids under 10. Anonymous wrote:i'd let a 12 year old watch it.its fake, you know. With and understanding of colours and concepts, a 12 year old can carry out painting projects for employers looking to coat their old walls, basement, shack, furniture etc.

She knew it wasn't real but couldn't help it. Scary things are shooters killing children in church and school. They imitate adults and have fun working with tools at a toy tool bench or preparing pretend food in a toy kitchen.

Toddlers, age 18 to 24 months, enjoy creative play activities, especially dressing up 3. It’s best described as a love letter to ’80s movies, with heavy doses of steven spielberg (“e.t.,” Anonymous in support of your 12 yo, i do know a lot of kids that age who are big fans.

You'll see a teenager in a bra, with a boy in bed. It require a phd in advanced neurochemistry and physiobiology to even begin to understand the workings and clever jokes of the show. Please tell me if you have watched it, thanks!

Will i show my kids stranger things? There is a slightly suggestive scene in stranger things, episode 2. These were mostly for suggestive remarks or language.

According to the bbfc (british board of film classification) all three seasons of stranger things have either been rated 12 or 15 overall. You don’t make decisions based on the reviews of others anyway. I personally have had an obsession with 1983 since i was in junior high, about a decade later.…

Stranger things for 10 and 12 year olds? Deborah underwood i would have been able to read it at 12.but it depends on the 12 year old. Stranger things has a 94% score on rotten tomatoes but don’t let that cloud your judgement.

10 would be a bit young, in my house anyway. So no, it is not appropriate for your kids as they would fail to understand the genius of dan harmon. “if it is real.” was always on her mind.

Personally i think it’s a bit gory and scary for a 12 year old, but i’m basing this on my ten year olds who would be terrified. I think i’d wait a year or so, prime her with some other stuff (not sure what if i’m honest!) as i think the relationships in it are good for young folk to see. According to the bbfc (british board of film classification) all three seasons of stranger things have either been rated 12 or 15 overall.

Depends on the maturity level of the 12yr old. A great tv show, i recommend it for 12 year olds through and through! *i’m part of the netflix streamteam and this post is for that.

Is it too scary for them, have inappropriate scenes? One way in which stranger things 3 does up the ante from previous series, however, is in the gore quotient, with significantly more guts, blood and viscera on display this year than we’ve seen. Because when i was at that age i wasn’t scared but my friend was.

All jokes aside, let your 13 year old watch it, but not your 8 year old. I was reading a lot of college level books at that age.

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