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Kotor 2 influence guide bao dur. He will open atmospheric sensors. Simply go to a workbench, and break them down to get 1 component(s). Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

On dxun there's a trapped mandalorian, if you help him you get some influence. That was an act of a mandalorian. Apparently, all you need is to increase his influence twice, once on dantooine & once on nar shadaa.

You start at 50 influence with each member of your party, and can find If you persist, then the mandalorians truly won. Once both members of your party have been present for a psychotic action, priority of influence is given to the following:

Start building him towards two weapon fighting. He served under the revanchist jedi general meetra surik during the mandalorian wars, and again toward the end of the dark wars. He benefits from the melee weapon finesse feat, since his dex is higher and investing most of his points into dex is.

You can turn bao dur into a jedi. Everyone else just falls in line. Kotor 2 cheats is a great option for gamers who like star wars:

We fought the mandalorians, now i find myself acting like them. Years after the war he helped surik in stopping the echo in the force. Afaik the only way to get atton's influence on dantooine is to show mercy to the sullustan.

That was not a battle we needed to fight, general. Just be a manipulative bastard for kreia, tank the ds … from common sensei. Typically, i get the points from, 1) being nice to him when he comes to in the hidden base in the telos polar region, 2) on dantooine, when you find the atmospheric sensors in the kinrath cave, 3) on dantooine again, talking to the militia member and mentioning the sensors, then still just.

Star wars kotor 2 wiki guide. You need to increase your influence with him 3, or possibly 4 times. Kotor 2 influence guide warning!

Knights of the old republic franchise. That's great, but he can't wear robes, which means the best armor he can wear and still cast all force powers is the miner outfit, which provides an amazing 1 point of defense and no other bonuses. Kotor 2 influence guide i am at the secret academy on telos and i am desparately trying to get the handmaiden's sister to talk about atton's echani training, but i am failing epically.

On nar shadaa there are two places: Either way is worth an influence bump. Integrovaná strategie rozvoje bmo 21+ o strategii;

Vymezení území brněnské metropolitní oblasti 21+ I was recently playing my first ds run and on a lark i decided to try to seduce him to the dark side (to reference how obi wan first described vader's fall). Contrairement à kotor 1 où le moteur du jeu vous interrompt automatiquement à tout bout de champ pour vous dire des trucs du genre machin semble boudeur, il faudrait songer à lui parler., kotor 2 est beaucoup plus subtil et ne prend pas du tout le joueur par la main.

Assuming their classes and stats aren't affected by any mods, i'd suggest the following: 1) have him look at the atmospheric sensors. If you take justice action he will attack you.

He starts out with a decently high dex score and a pistol weapon focus, so early on he is your best bet for a ranged dps companion. I even picked the sith lord prestige class because it supposedly would let me manipulate my companions better. He was a skilled inventor and was responsible for the design, construction and activation of the mass shadow generator.

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