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Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Install the kotor 2 save game editior from the workshop, open it up.

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Kotor 2 influence guide faceman;420335 said:

Kotor 2 influence guide handmaiden. Dia then defended herself, causing an embarassed and very angry holdan to walk away and put a bounty on her head. Fixed the spelling of lootra (i had called it loorta). Consult an influence guide to see what dialogue choices will increase your influence level most (see resources).

Acts of kindness and mercy will increase your influence with handmaiden. Knights of the old republic franchise. In star wars kotor 2 how do you get the handmaiden on your team?

Knights of the old republic ii: Kotor 2 influence handmaiden guide december 15, 2017 kotor 2 influence handmaiden guidedownload go through online kotor 2 handmaiden influence black sidekotor 2 influence rewardskotor 2 renewed articles influence guideatton infiuence glitchkotor 2 influence cheatmira influence guidekotor 2 max influence numberkotor 2 harmful influencei'meters. This guide is for if you didn't realize talking to visas and gaining influence with her first would ruin your relationship for handmaiden, and how to fix that because it's terrible how you can't at least gain her trust again through the game.

Jedi sentinel will develop very strong force powers and is probably the best companion to have in battle besides the handmaiden. The sith lords influence walkthrough by achilles. First, i think the fact that there was no kotor 3 is a big reason why kotor 2 draws a lot of hate.

When you finish all the fighting things with handmaiden is it as simple as saying you could take a stronger darker path to get handmaiden to follow., star wars knights of the old republic ii: Next, make sure handmaiden's influence is at least equal to visas's. With the correct influence, you can gain further dialog options and train handmaiden to become a jedi.

Star wars kotor 2 wiki guide. The handmaiden will become either a jedi or a dark jedi, depending on what type of character you are playing. Integrovaná strategie rozvoje bmo 21+ o strategii;

I even picked the sith lord prestige class because it supposedly would let me manipulate my companions better. The rest are just for completists who like red sparklies. Episode iv ends and it feels complete, whereas episode v (while probably the best movie) ends with the characters staring off into space.

1.2 january 12, 2005 41k added a new influence when you return to telos (under attack) from magnumtb. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! I am at the secret academy on telos and i am desparately trying to get the handmaiden's sister to talk about atton's echani training, but i am failing epically.

Kotor 2 influence guide i am at the secret academy on telos and i am desparately trying to get the handmaiden's sister to talk about atton's echani training, but i am failing epically. Home / kotor 2 dxun influence. ***** handmaiden ***** handmaiden will join your party on telos, if you are playing a male character.

And characters found in that body of works are compiled in the list of star wars. 2.2 february 12, 2005 92k added t3's first influence gain at peragus. Vymezení území brněnské metropolitní oblasti 21+

I've kinda gotten to where i compare the games to both movie trilogies. Congrats, steam achievement unlocked, hk at this point should be completely light side and all conversations unlocked, baodur jedi and done, atton jedi and done, handmaiden jedi and done, kreia nearly maxed out, mira jedi and done, t3 all done, and mando done. Despite these restrictions, the couple began.

It actually makes you relive scenes from malachor (which you can do in the mod for kotor1 admittedly) and makes choices and finally decide if what you did was right. Kevin hennessy sent in some corrections to the hit list. Simply go to a workbench, and break them down to get 1 component(s).

Instilling fear is a reminder of who truly wields power. Added a visas influence on dantooine. 2.1 january 25, 2005 89k added a new influence with handmaiden on onderon.

Kotor 1 did that fairly well, but kotor 2 amps everything up, talking about the very nature of war and how it destroys the people who take part in it. Brianna was born in 3976 bby as the result of a forbidden union between general yusanis and jedi master arren kae.yusanis, a master echani combatant of the republic world eshan, was married to another woman to whom he had five daughters, while kae, as a member of the jedi order was forbidden to form strong attachments. For the record, literally all the handmaiden influence you need (and then some) can be gained on the ship through dialogue, so don't feel bad about cheating some in

I believe if visas's influence exceeds handmaiden's by 16, she gets pissy and refuses to talk. Kotor 2 cheats is a great option for gamers who like star wars: Increase your influence over the handmaiden by engaging her in conversation.

The sith lords questions and answers, xbox Back on ebon hawk save scum goto's conversations, for addtional 2 influence gains.

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