My Singing Monsters Breeding Guide Air Island

Primary menu skip to content. 1 general explanation 2 breeding notes and tips 3 breeding combination tables 3.1 plant island 3.2 cold island 3.3 air island 3.4 water island 3.5 earth island 3.6 fire haven 3.7 fire oasis 3.8 light island 3.9 psychic island 3.10 faerie island 3.11.

My Singing Monsters Air Island My singing monsters

To breed a bellowfish do reebro + jeeode to breed a.

My singing monsters breeding guide air island. Monster #1 and monster #2 is the combination tested to obtain the monster in your game. This is the main article for breeding. This page is a quick reference for breeding new monsters!

By choosing the monster you want, you’ll be able to find the right combination of monsters to breed together to make them. This is how to get the thwok monster on wublin island in my singing monsters. In 2021, breeding began on january 27th.

Keep trying or wait until occasional “sales” where odds are much higher. Star * indicates there are multiple. How do i breed a specific monster on mysingingmonsters?

It has all breeding combinations sorted in order of efficiency and how successful each combination is. 1 about 2 indigenous monsters 3 rocks and trees 4 music 5 castle upgrades 6 strategy 7 special occasions 7.1 season of love 7.2 summersong 8 notes air island () is the third natural island available to the player. Something's on the wing… and it's flying in a 'v' formation…

However, some monsters are only available on certain islands so if you don’t see the monster on your island try purchasing the cold island or the air island. For the category, see category:breeding. Tweedle, potbelly, tips, strategy, cheats, noggin.

Memes, and miscellaneous content relating to the game my singing monsters and its related games. For more uncategorized queries, check out the fashion and city , a fashion and lifestyle blog. Generation 2 monsters can be created by breeding two generation 1 monsters or combination of a basic and a generation 1 monster.

Primary menu skip to content. The gameteep my singing monsters egg/combination/breeding information chart for all monsters is here! Visit the breeding structure page for some discussion of which combination is best. when choosing which monsters to breed, it does not matter which monster is on the left or right column.

Breeding list plant island cold island air island water island earth island ethereal island shugabush island videos tribal island comments breeding combinations. Yet again, the schmoochle monster is available in my singing monsters. The 2015 teaser for the schmoochle was posted on twitter on january 27 2015 and looked like this:.

In each island, you will be given four or maybe five elements to breed your monsters. This is the category page for air island.for the main article, see air island. My singing monsters has a huge list of monsters in its game and we’re here to help you breed them all!

Air island primarily manifests the air element (). With over 100 monsters in existence you’re never really going to know what you’re going to breed, but thanks to the my singing monsters: These are the five essential elements in the game.

All breeding times for monsters that you will get if you breed a monster. Breeding combinations are in order with the best ones being at the top, as they take into account waiting times and breeding chances, and the worst being at the bottom. The schmoochle monster is a a seasonal monster only available for breeding during a limited time.

Official breeding guide for ethereal island (my singing monsters). Simply keep on trying if you fail to get the breed that you are looking for. My singing monsters breeding guide for beginners right elements for breeding.

These are most commonly known as tree, water, wind, cold and earth. My singing monsters ethereal breeding guide arackulele whisp ghazt grumpyre reebro grumpyre note: For the category, see category:air island.

Schmoochle can only be bred or purchased during the dates listed above. Official guide now you’ll know! Keep in mind it does not matter what order the monsters are in when you breed them.

There are multiple pages on this breeding chart for my singing monsters, if you don’t see the monsters you are looking for try flipping to the next page. Available for only a limited time until august 19, the hoola monster can be obtained on either the air island or the earth island. In order to get the monster, you have to either teleport monsters from other islands or spend a lot of diamonds getting the monster.

Primary menu skip to content. Posted by 10 months ago. Odds are very low on these combos.

Breeding combinations can be tough! Monsters on cold island bowgart congle dandidoo deedge furcorn grumpyre mammott maw. You have 5 days to complete the teleportation or pay the diamonds.

My breeding guide for my singing monsters on my website is the best guide available for the game i'd say. How to breed hoola monster the hoola monster is released into my singing monsters as the sizzling summer heat kicks into the game. A new uncategorized blog post | my singing monsters breeding guide g'joob has been published in the fashion and city.

The statue version of the thwok monster on wublin island is 5,000 coins. This is the main article for air island. Generation 2 my singing monsters combo breeding.

Any schmoochles on air island that are obtained during that time will stay unless they are sold. Monsters on air island cybop congle drumpler fwog hoola mammott maw noggin pango pompom. This guide shows all the breeding combinations for breeding monsters in my singing monsters.

With these essential elements, you can start breeding in the. Either breeding method is not 100% guarantee.

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