What Is The Correct Curtain Length

You can go as high as a few inches to the ceiling for maximum height and drama. For length, extend your rod 3 to 6 inches beyond the frame of your window to allow extra light to stream in when the curtains are open.

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When you’re choosing a shower curtain, you shouldn’t just consider the design of the curtain.

What is the correct curtain length. Existing curtain pole measure the length of the pole between the finials (decorative ends). Grab your trusty measuring tape and take your measurements from the floor to where the rod will be placed. To make your windows appear wider and higher (as you should) add a few inches to your measurements.

We have a 12' ceiling in our study and are trying to figure out how far up we should go with our curtains. When choosing curtain size, measuring the width of the window or of the curtain rod is easy; 2” + [shower curtain length] + [hook size] = [shower rod height] for example, if you have a 70” to 72” tall shower curtain, your shower curtain rod height will likely sit at around 75” to 77”.

The proper length has little to do with interior decorating. The average shower curtain measurements are designed to fit tubs that are exactly 60 inches in length. You will most likely need a curtain that fits 60 inches unless you have a larger tub or a unique style of shower.

However, because rods can be installed either inside, below, or above trim mount, determining where you install your rod affects the length. Antique brass, brushed nickel, antique bronze and polished nickel. If sill length is desired, just below the bottom of the sill is correct.

June 24, 2010 by home. This is a typical french look (think the rococo period ), and is most successful with high ceilings and, usually, expensive fabric. For example, if your curtain pole is 150cm, and the finials are each 10cm, then the total length will be 170cm.

You aren’t measuring the size of the window, but you are measuring from the floor to the spot where the curtain rod will eventually be placed. In formal or dressy rooms, curtains should just touch the floor. Here in the us the standard shower curtain length is 70 to 72 inches (178 to 183 cm) and square, but it is getting easier to find shower curtains that are not the standard length.

Most people find it simplest to use an aluminum measuring tape for both shorter or longer distances. The height at which they are attached to the wall depends on the style of the window treatment, the size and shape of the window, and the functionality required. To make things easy i am going to assume that the shower curtain and shower curtain liner are the same length.

Your curtains should graze the floor, the interior designer explains. Releasing one end of the tieback allows the curtain to close. For example, say the length of the window is 40 inches (100 cm).

Choosing the right curtain length can make or break a room.professional designers follow one hard and fast rule in order to achieve the perfect dimensions, says kati curtis of kati curtis design. A few guidelines will help you determine the correct placement for tiebacks. Apron curtain lengths run the risk of looking too short.

Choose a rod that is 6—12 wider than your windows to allow room for the curtains to stack when they're pulled open. Account for rod placement in your measurements for curtain length. Curtain rods are typically extended 3 to 6 inches past a window frame.

Curtain length and width are important, and curtains can pull back to expose sheers. Ready made curtains by orla kiely floor length. How long should curtains or draperies be?

Shorter curtain lengths always imply a casual, relaxed, and informal mood. By moving your rod up or down a little you can adjust the position of the curtain at your window. Generally, the longer the curtain or drapery, the more dignified, dressy, and formal the look.

If your curtain rail has an overlap, add the length of the overlap to the measurement of the width of the rail. For example, if the distance between the top of the window and the floor is 75 inches, and you plan to install the rods four. As for diameter, you’ll want a curtain rod that’s at least an inch thick for the strength to avoid bowing in the middle.

You want your curtain rod a little higher than the frame, so add 6 inches (15 cm) to this to get a length of 46 inches (120 cm). 304 shares hanging curtains is not a straightforward endeavor. To help the curtain produce its traditional wavy shape, there will be a few extra inches added in length.

The drape should move easily on the curtain rod and not sweep the floor's surface. Overall curtain length, anywhere from the sill to the apron or to the floor is a personal preference and need not be exact. Typically silks are going to billow the best, being both lightweight and a natural fiber.

Later, you'll need to tweak this measurement as you determine curtain type. From where to attach the curtain rods to whether to use a valance, there. This drape is designed to attach to a curtain rod that is mounted above the window and falls to just above the floor.

When picking a color, use the darker tones in your furniture for inspiration. The first thing that you need to do is grab your measuring tape and get some measurements. The proper length of panel curtains.

Correct curtain length for home office with 12' ceiling. The measurement from the top of the window to the floor is 93 and the measurement from the bottom of the crown molding to the floor is 140. Once you have your window measurement, you will want to double it, and this is the width of the curtain or curtains.

How to measure for the correct curtain length. Last, there's the most extreme curtain length: Thick curtain rods tend to look cheap and bow under the weight of your drapes, so pick a rod that’s at least 1 inch thick.

All our curtain rods come with mounting hardware and are available in 2—3 adjustable lengths to fit most standard window sizes. The style of fabric used can affect the atmosphere generated by the drape. In my case my shower curtain was 71 inches (180 cm) long.

Take the hem of the curtain to just above the radiator, or up to about a maximum of 4 inches (10cms) below the sill.

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